Want to learn more about successful soil fertility management?

Higher yields, lower costs, fewer pest and disease problems, and irrigation savings are reported effects of 'feeding the soil and not the plant'.

In response to demand from growers and consultants who want to learn more about the benefits of our program, we offer short courses periodically during the year. These courses are built upon the Albrecht principles of soil-based fertility management, and are at 'introductory', 'intermediate', and 'advanced' level.

In addition to the public seminars, we can also conduct on-farm consultations or private training sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Kinsey Agricultural Services' public courses for 2018 with contact details are listed below.

KAS Public Courses Available:

Where Topic When Contact
Veluwe, Netherlands Introductory Soil Fertility Course June 5 - 6, 2018 N-XT
Columbia, Missouri World Wide Ag Conference July 25 - 27, 2018 WWA
St. Louis, Missouri Advanced I Soil Fertility Course July 30-August 1, 2018 Kinsey Ag

Introductory Soil Fertility Course

Veluwe, Netherlands

June 5th - 6th, 2018

Healthy Soil, Fruitful Results

"Because of the increasing interest in and need for looking at our soil differently, N-xt Soil Services has done much work in research and development over the past years to turn this into a practical model. Partly as a result of following training courses in America and the further development of experiences in Western Europe, N-xt Soil Services, as an official consultant of the Kinsey-Albrecht Soil Analysis, has been more and more often in the spotlight."

"Partly due to the increasing demand, we have managed to bring Neal Kinsey to the Netherlands. Who would be better suited to explain this "alternative look" on soil fertility than the founder and developer of the Kinsey-Albrecht Method himself? By means of a two-day course we want to give everyone the opportunity to hear him. During this course, Neal Kinsey will share his knowledge and more than 40 years of experience with you. He will discuss how he perceives the soil and applies Dr Albrecht's rules in his method. He will explain why this system has been developed and why it can be applied to any soil type and crop."

Here is an overview of what Neal Kinsey will speak of in his presentation each day:

Day One: June 5th

Day Two: June 6th

Daily Structure:

PRICE: € 350 - includes:

We will offer simultaneous interpretation on both days. That means, if you wish, you can use headsets and follow the course in Dutch.


Hotel NH Veluwe Sparrenhorst: Eperweg 46 - 8072 DB - Nunspeet (type Eperweg 49 for navigation!!)

Contact Information:

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World Wide Ag Conference

Columbia, Missouri

Wedneday, July 25 - Friday, July 27, 2018

Hear from international and farmer speakers about options for lifting the capability of your operation's production platform -- that is, your dairy and pastoral livestock, soil, pasture, crops, and water.

Top-performing farmers -- whether sheep/beef, dairy, or cropping -- are looking for a step change, as they recognize that simply throwing "more" in agriculture is not the way forward. A considered and sophisticated approach is needed. Take the time to understand your production platform, so you can optimize its potential.

Here is an overview of the speakers and what they will be discussing:


The Broadway Columbia - a Double Tree by Hilton Hotel



For more information, please visit:

Contact Information:

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Advanced I Soil Fertility Course

St Louis, Missouri

July 30th - August 1st, 2018

Determining and Calculating For Extreme Excesses in Soils

Here is an overview of what Neal Kinsey will speak of in his presentation each day:

Monday - Rules for Using Excessive Calculations

Tuesday - Building Fertility on Soils with Excessive Major Nutrients

Wednesday - Growing Crops on Soils with Extreme Excesses


CLIENTS: $1050 - includes lunch. $1500 - includes breakfast, lunch, and lodging for 7/29-7/31.

NON-CLIENTS: $1550 - includes lunch. $2000 - includes breakfast, lunch, and lodging for 7/29-7/31.


To register for this course, call the office at 1-573-683-3880.


Sheraton Hotel: 900 Westport Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri

For room reservations, call Kinsey Ag at 1-573-683-3880, or make your own with Sheraton at 1-888-627-7064

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