Want to learn more about successful soil fertility management?

Higher yields, lower costs, fewer pest and disease problems, and irrigation savings are reported effects of 'feeding the soil and not the plant'.

In response to demand from growers and consultants who want to learn more about the benefits of our program, we offer short courses periodically during the year. These courses are built upon the Albrecht principles of soil-based fertility management, and are at 'introductory', 'intermediate', and 'advanced' level.

In addition to the public seminars, we can also conduct on-farm consultations or private training sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Kinsey Agricultural Services' public courses for 2019 with contact details are listed below.

KAS Public Courses Available:

Where Topic When Contact
Sikeston, Missouri Introductory II Soil Fertility Course April 1st - 3rd, 2019 Kinsey Ag

The Albrecht/Kinsey Introductory II Soil Fertility Course

Sikeston, Missouri

April 1st - April 3rd, 2019

Make plans now for this three day program, beginning with an intensive soil presentation on micronutrient use, followed by an optional day of farm tours featuring those using our program for growing corn, soybeans, rice, cotton, peanuts and wheat.

Based on over 40 years of practical "hands on" experience working with growers in over 75 countries globally this course is especially designed to help explain nutrient needs and the materials needed to solve any deficiencies.

Here is an overview of what will be covered:

Day 1 - Understanding Micronutrient Needs for Crops and Soils - Why, What Kind and How Much? Principlal discussions on boron, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc.

Day 2 - Finish micronutrients including considerations for testing and use of cobalt, molybdenum, chloride, selenium, and silicon. Begin presentation on Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Phosphate.

Day 3 - Conclusion of N, S, and P presentation, then Potassium and Sodium, followed by Magnesium and Calcium as time permits.

Soil Pit Demonstration

Lat spring while coducting soil fertility meetings in Europe, there was an opportunity to see a soil pit demonstration by a consultant from France, Francis Bucaille, who uses the Kinsey/Albrecht soil fertility program there. It was the most professional and informative presentation I have ever seen in that regard. He normally does these on various wine grape vineyards where he works in France. It takes two hours to properly prepare and another two hours for showing and explaining what can be determined from the soil in each pit demonstration.

The program he uses fits right in with the Kinsey/Albrecht fertility program. So I felt it would be of great interest for clients here. He was asked to come over and present his soil pit demonstrations and you can see and hear his evaluations in Missouri as part of the farm tour for the Introductory II Soil Course.


The Clinton Building -

Participants should make their own rooming arrangements



The course cost includes the course itself, all morning and afternoon breaks, and lunch each day (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). The Thursday farm tour is open to all farmers and interested parties. That cost includes the farm tour, lunch, and soil pit demonstrations.

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For more information, please call our office at 1-573-683-3880.

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