Damon K. Dowdy

TerraTek Ag Services

159 Chimney Rock
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Email: damonkirkdowdy@gmail.com
Cell/Text: (573) 270-0513

  • Kinsey/Albrecht soil fertility balancing for conventional, no-till, and cover crop farming operations
  • Electro-Conductivity Mapping (E.C.) using Electro-Magnetic Induction sensors (E.M.I)
  • Custom E.C. mapping and training in geo-spatial soil sampling to Clients stretching from the Northern Corn Belt into the Mississippi Delta and beyond
  • Precision Ag Data Consultation
  • Ag Drone Surveying and Mapping – NDVI and NIR
  • Automated soil moisture and weather sensors
  • Humus Compost Production