Beginning Water I – Bill Brush (B&B Ag Consulting)

December 10, 2021
Four Points Hotel
Sacramento, CA

This one day seminar will present terminology and explanations needed to begin to understand what effect water has upon soil. There will be numerous lab results and the different formats used to summarize their results. You will learn to recognize what components are the most necessary to understand the effect each water has on your soils. The course will emphasize which elements affect your soil amendments in balancing your soils. In times when water is short or in excess, you will learn how to maximize production in difficult situations, as well as those times when water can be applied at optimal rates. We will address the effects of rainfall to your soil fertility and soil balancing.

The information to be presented is based on the field experiences and hundreds of water samples that B&B Ag Consulting has encountered and turned into successful soil programs. The program that will be presented is proprietary information compiled from over 20 years of field work, and therefore, cannot be found in any textbook. I hope you have the time to attend this seminar. As I have told my clients over the years, you cannot have a totally successful soil fertility program without considering the effect that water has on your soil.

The one day seminar will follow Neal Kinsey’s 3 Day Course on tree crops. WE will be utilitzing the same hotel and meeting room, so we will be limited to 60 people that can comfortably fit in the room. We have also negotiated the same rates that Neal Kinsey has. Our registration form will have the information you will need to secure your hotel room, if needed. Room rates are huaranteed until Monday, November 15, 2021.

The cost of the seminar is $400.00 which includes meeting handouts, breakfast, and lunch.

The seminar registration is Monday, November 22nd, 2021. See the registration form HERE.

I hope to see you in Sacramento on December 10th!