Kinsey/Albrecht Advanced I Tree Crop Soil Fertility Course

Four Points Airport Hotel – Sacramento, CA

December 6 – 8, 2021

Learn more about building soil fertility on land used for growing trees?  Based on 47 years of fertility work with all types of trees, this course is designed for teaching growers how to use the Albrecht/Kinsey Soil Fertility System to produce stronger wood, larger leaves, more flowers, fruit and nuts.  The principles in this presentation can be utilized by landowners, consultants and growers for better soil and tree health, for better tree growth and for optimum production.

The course uses 100 soils from tree crops around the world (with emphasis on fruit and nut trees) to illustrate the major soil fertility problems growers must face and how to solve them.  A notebook will be provided for those in attendance with the proper formula to use for finding the answer to each soil in question.  At least five actual soils used for growing trees will be used to represent each nutrient that we test for and use for growing trees and the applicable formula will be shown for determining nutrient needs.  Information will be given showing how to utilize the correct procedures and determine exact needs to establish and supply required nutrient needed for excellent growth and production.

Real examples using at least 100 soil samples from all types of tree crops on different types of land will show soils from extremely excessive to extremely deficient levels and the proper steps needed to best treat that soil for growing trees.  Due to such wide variations in laboratory testing methods, only samples using the Albrecht/Kinsey analysis for soils will be used to consider and show the strategies needed to improve production.

Here is an overview of what will be covered each day:

DAY 1: Brief Introduction to Albrecht soil fertility program.  The ideal soil for growing trees.  Soils that do well planted in trees based on nutrient content.  Looking at soil pH for tree crops, including trace element availability.  Soils that demonstrate the needs and problems in terms of calcium and magnesium requirements.

DAY 2: The Five Liming Rules. Dealing with calcium and magnesium needs from deficient to excessive.  High calcium and soil fertility for trees.  Extreme excesses and use of Cation Displacement testing for Tree Production.  Humus and Nitrogen Requirements.  Sulfur needs for trees.  Phosphate for Trees.  Potassium and sodium needs and how to calculate them.

DAY 3: Considering soil fertility for correctly evaluating and using Compost and Manures for trees.   Using Micronutrients – when they should or could be or should not be used for better trees and why.

We can comfortably accommodate 60 in the meeting room. Only a paid registration assures a seat, and those who wait too long may be disappointed to learn we are already full.  Rooms at the special meeting rate will only be guaranteed as available to us until Monday, November 15.  Sufficient time is also required to prepare and print the materials needed for handouts in notebook form, and consequently there can be no registrations accepted after Monday, November 22. The handout material will only be available to those who register and attend the complete three-day course.

Registration: $1,250 for clients and $1500 for non clients. (Includes the soil course, hotel room, breakfast, lunch and am/pm breaks).  

Optional Farm Tour: $100 (Area tree crops – some soils on the program for 25 years or more.) 

NOTE: Evaluating Effects of Water on Soil Fertility for Trees by Bill Brush will directly follow our tour.