Neal Kinsey Advanced I Soil Fertility Course

Date: January 10 – 12, 2023
Time: 8am – 5pm
Price: $1000 per person (includes 7 meals)
The Hoffman Building
172 South Lime Street
Quarryville, PA 17566
Countryside Ag
1157 Georgetown Rd
Christina, PA 17509
(717) 806-1968

Hosted by:
Jonas Stoltzfus: Countryside Ag –
Gilson Martin: Star Dairy Resources –
Jay Hoover –

How much manure and compost is really too much? How does one know how much sulfur and boron to use? How do you calculate the exact lime or gypsum needs on your farm? Our three day Advanced Fertility Course is designed to teach growers and consultants how to use the Albrecht/Kinsey Soil Fertility System to produce healthy, resilient soil systems capable of supporting healthy, high yielding crops.

Real examples, using at least 100 soil samples from around the world and featuring a variety of crops, will illustrate the major soil fertility problems growers must face and how to solve them. Due to such wide variations in laboratory testing methods, only samples using the Albrecht/Kinsey analysis for soils will be used to consider and show the strategies needed to improve production.

A notebook will be provided for those in attendance with the proper formula to use for finding the answer to each soil in question. Actual soil samples will be used to represent each nutrient that we test for and the applicable formula will be shown for determining the exact needs of each required nutrient— including compost, manures and liming materials. The tentative schedule will begin on Day 1 with looking at the proper use of compost and manures and moving on into N-P-K-S fertility. Day 2 will be spent discussing Micro-Nutrient fertility. Day 3 we will be looking at Calcium and Magnesium and the rules for liming.

To get the most benefit from this course it is necessary to have a fairly good understanding of the material covered in the Introductory courses and/or Neal Kinsey’s book, Hands-On Agronomy.

Please Note: No registrations can be accepted after Saturday, December 31. Not available on-line. The handout material will only be available to those who register and attend the three-day course

Registration forms can be viewed here.