Albrecht on Pastures

Albrecht Papers Vol. VI by William A. Albrecht, ph.D. Paperback

Dr. Albrecht was one of the premier soil scientists of his day, and still is today. The Albrecht Papers comprise a classic study of soil fertility and its relation to crop health and animal health. The value of Dr. Albrecht’s work is being increasingly appreciated by growers today.

Topics Include:

  • Fertilizing for Higher Feed Value
  • Better Pastures Depending on Soil Fertility
  • Building Soils for Better Herds
  • Influence of Soil Mineral Elements on Animal Nutrition
  • Taking Our Soils For Granted
  • Hidden Hunger & Soil Fertility
  • Soil Fertility & Quality of Seeds
  • Wool Quality Depends on Soil Fertility


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This valuable collection of essays in volume 6 reveals the insights of a brilliant soil scientist who was ahead of his time in connecting the relationship between soil, plants, and animals. Read about Albrecht’s substantiated theory and observation that insufficient soil fertility was responsible for poor crops, weeds and thereby a poor diet for the cow in terms of her food choice and her output.