Albrecht’s Hidden Lessons

Albrecht Papers Vol. III by William A. Albrecht, ph.D. Paperback

Dr. Albrecht was one of the premier soil scientists of his day, and should still be considered as such to this day. The Albrecht Papers comprise a classic study of soil fertility and its relation to crop health and animal health.

In Volume III, Dr. Albrecht addresses specific subjects contributing to soil health and explores the nuances of the relationship between humans, plants, and animals.

This carefully organized volume explores the complexity of soil and soil fertility, examining elements such as mycorrhiza, calcium, magnesium, and organic matter in soil composition. In doing so, Albrecht also reveals the intimate connection between soil, crops, animals, and human health. Soil fertility is the foundation of responsible agriculture. Albrecht’s work provides indispensable knowledge for readers seeking to apply the lessons of soil fertility to responsible agriculture management.

Copyright 1989, 2013 softcover, 411 pages.


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