Hands-On Agronomy

by Neal Kinsey Paperback

“Recognized by the National Association of Conservation Districts and chosen to be included in an exclusive educational collection of books that will be promoted across the country to advance soil health, eco-agriculture and the advancement of the agriculture industry.”nacdnet.org

Soil fertility guidelines proven by many years experience worldwide, for farmers, ranchers and gardeners or anyone interested in building a top-quality soil in which to grow top-quality plants.

Topics Include:

  • The Farming Dilemma
  • Cation-Anion Connection
  • Nutrient Action and Interaction
  • Calcium, Magnesium and Tillage
  • The Nuances of Nitrogen, Phosporous & Potassium
  • Using Manures
  • The Sulfur Connection
  • Sodium – What’s the Problem
  • Micronurients and their Application
  • Using Plant Tissue Analysis
  • Nutrients and Soil Biology
  • How Accurate is Your Soil Analysis?

Hands-On Agronomy: $30.00

Hands-On Agronomy(German Edition) $50.00

Companion DVD Workshop: $30.00

“I am a crop consultant for Crop Production Services here in Indiana. I have just finished your book Hands-On Agronomy and wanted to personally express how much I enjoyed every page of this book. I can not wait to try and put some of your methods into practice for my clients here. I really hope you plan to publish more pieces like this in the future,”
Ryan Hiner – Chalmers, Indiana

“I have the revised & expanded Hands-On Agronomy book. The pages of this book are worn and ear-marked from long hours of reading and studying the contents. I have read numerous books on soil fertility and the use of fertilizers but Hands-On Agronomy is “head & shoulders” above the rest and it makes total sense.”
W. E. “Hoss” Hopping – Coweta, OK

“What a wonderful revelation your book has been….. only now has light come streaming in – from your pen.”
John Fair – South Africa

“… I have read your book three times and I pick up more every time I read through it. I have read many a fertility manual but you bring everything together in a very straightforward manner that is very easy to understand, and I consider this information beyond anything that I could have received, even the most advanced college courses. Again, thank you.”
Jerry Cordell – Sedgwick, Kansas

“This may be the first hands-on manual to address the real problem of ecologically sound agriculture with a system that does not pollute land, water or food resources.”
Acres USA (magazine)

“Congratulations on your book “Hands-On Agronomy”. You’ve taken the complex subject of soil physics, chemistry, and biology and put it into an easy to understand, common-sense format.”
John McLean – Florida