Our business is advice. We want to help you achieve better soils, improve your crop quality, and obtain better yields. That being the case, we offer both soil analysis where we will use our previous 40+ years of experience to help balance your soil’s nutritional content. If you would like to learn some of the fundamentals behind our recommendations so you can apply it to your own crops, we also offer courses throughout the year ranging from introductory concepts to advanced studies on specific soils.

Soil Analysis

From the basis of a detailed soil analysis, and plant tissue analysis when necessary, and – importantly – the additional information that you provide by completing the free soil test worksheet, we build a specific fertilizer recommendation for each soil sample, tailoring the recommendations to your particular operation and goals.


In response to demand from growers and consultants who want to learn more about the benefits of our program, we offer short courses periodically during the year. These courses are built upon the Albrecht principles of soil-based fertility management, and are at ‘introductory’, ‘intermediate’, and ‘advanced’ level.