JP Consulting

17 Mill Road
Timaru 7974
New Zealand

Jeremy Cunningham

+64 27 615 7409

Peter Phillips

+64 27 220 8400

JP Consulting is an Independent Soil Fertility Consulting company owned and operated by Jeremy Cunningham and Pete Phillips. Based in Canterbury servicing clients from a range of agricultural industries including pastoral, cropping/seed production and vegetables throughout New Zealand. Proudly working alongside Kinsey Ag Services to provide the best information for their clients with Jeremy sending soil samples to them since 2010. Both Jeremy and Peter attend regular courses with Neal around the world and pride themselves on not changing the approach/science from what Neal has taught them.

The goal is to help clients economically achieve a level of productivity and profit by amending their soil imbalances. They do this by working with each client’s total fertiliser budget to formulate an overall comprehensive fertiliser/crop plan so they can produce more quantity and better-quality animals or crops grown on their properties.

Because we are not driven by selling products it gives our clients a very refreshing experience dealing with what is a big chunk of the farm’s annual expenditure. Our clients have the option to compare prices and buy from any fertiliser company they choose without a bias opinion from us.