Albrecht on Calcium

Albrecht Papers Vol. V by William A. Albrecht, ph.D. Paperback

Dr. Albrecht was one of the premier soil scientists of his day, and still is to this day. The value of Dr. Albrecht’s work on calcium is being proven and utilized by more and more growers today.

Topics Include:

  • Limestone – The Foremost of Natural Fertilizers
  • It’s the Calcium – Not the Alkalinity
  • Calcium as a Factor in Seed Germination
  • Soil Acidity is Beneficial
  • Liming Soils for Better Crops
  • Interrelationships of Calcium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus in Vegetable Crops
  • Plants and the Exchangeable Calcium of the Soil
  • Liming Alone Will Not Cure a Sick Soil


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In volume 5, readers will find a carefully organized and convincing explanation of the relationship between calcium and soil fertility. It is not possible to discuss calcium, which Albrecht proclaims as the “King of Nutrients” without being led into the entire mosaic that Albrect considers biologically correct farming.