Albrecht’s Enduring Vision

Albrecht Papers Vol. IV by William A. Albrecht, ph.D. Paperback

Dr. Albrecht was one of the premier soil scientists of his day, and should still be considered as such to this day. The Albrecht Papers comprise a classic study of soil fertility and its relation to crop health and animal health.

In Volume IV, Dr. Albrecht explains the soil-crop system, nutrient importance, and biotic pyramid to solidify his vision of agriculture.

This collection presents more of Dr. Albrecht’s brilliant, classic essays providing essential insights into the health of our soil. Albrecht was one of the first to see the danger in relying on agri-chemicals instead of soil fertility for healthy crops. In this carefully organized collection of writings, Albrecht explains the workings of the soil-crop system and substantiates his theory that depleted crops, weeds, and poor animal health stem directly from the lack of major elements and trace minerals in soil. As pressure builds on contemporary agriculture to become simultaneously more robust and sustainable, Albrecht’s findings-now more than ever-provide crucial information necessary for realizing agriculture that is socially viable and ecologically responsible.

Copyright 1992, 2013, softcover, 325 pages.


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