Soil Fertility and Animal Health

Albrecht Papers Vol. II by William A. Albrecht, ph.D. Paperback

Dr. Albrecht was one of the premier soil scientists of his day, and should still be considered as such to this day. The Albrecht Papers comprise a classic study of soil fertility and its relation to crop health and animal health.

Topics Include:

  • Nature’s Soil Pattern for Health
  • Only Balanced Soil Fertility Grows Balanced Rations
  • Nutritious Feeds via Soil Fertility
  • Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and their effects in plants and animals
  • Crops Must Grow Their Own Organic Matter
  • The Significance of Trace Elements
  • Problems of the Proteins
  • Impoverished Soils, Poor Animal Health, and Economics


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This is a great book for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the key concepts of the Albrecht soil fertility approach. Use this book to understand the depths of how well the program Dr. Albrecht helped to develop really works in the field for improving both plant and animal nutrition. It should be read in order to glean the most from Hands-On Agronomy and other books that promote this system.

We recommend that whoever plans to take our Advanced Soil Fertility Course first read this book, and ‘Eco Farm’, for a better understanding of the principles that are utilized in that course.