Qualified Consultants who have studied and utilized the Kinsey-Albrecht method of soil testing and recommendations, and who can advise on its application for soil fertility needs.

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Golden Bay Dolomite

98a Commercial Street
Takaka 7110
New Zealand

Owner and managing director of Golden Bay Dolomite (GBD) Merv Solly has a passion for biological farming. This was born out of many years of doing the wrong thing! And then discovering Neal Kinsey and the Albrecht system. Since then, not only have Merv’s farms been transformed, but also the stock health and weight gains have improved markedly.

The team at GBD have attended many of Neal Kinsey’s courses utilizing the knowledge gained to provide soil testing services, (Perry Ag Lab) nutrient recommendations, and custom fertilizer blends across the South Island.

Biological and regenerative farming are rapidly gaining momentum here in New Zealand and we at GBD are proud to be part of it, especially having the Albrecht system and Neal Kinsey’s support behind us.


Merv Solly
03 5259843
027 454 5930

Ross Wright
027 246 2114

Trevor Pearce
027 230 9934

Biofarm Assist

Our Mission:

Biofarm Assist has a passion to assist all farmers with knowledge from conventional to biological farming practices which, in turn, promises health, wealth,and happiness!


CEO – Ben De Wet – 082 440 7676


Biofarm Assist –
Ben De Wet –

Top Soils Ltd.

Don L. Hart

Springfield Estate, no 6 R D
Ashburton 7776
New Zealand

Top Soils Ltd, is based in Mid-Canterbury South Island, NZ. We are biological farming and soil fertility consultants practicing Regenerative Agriculture. Top Soils spicializes in fertility programs for balancing soil nurtrients using the Albrecht-Kinsey System of soil fertility, and by taking a biological and regenerative approach to agriculture. We have extensive experience with all types of agriculture, farming, agronomy, and soil types by making a real difference and providing total soil fertility solutions for:

  • Fertilizer Importing
  • Custom Blending
  • Soil Testing
  • Audits and Consultation


Don Hart, CEO
Phone: 027 432 0187

Lydia-Beth Gundry
Phone: 027 069 9907

Parker Lime Co.

Scott Parker

PO Box 6
New Zealand 0540

Phone: 64 9 4312 407
Fax: 64 21 453 252

Parker Lime provides sustainable soil fertility solutions to the agricultural and horticultural industries, helping clients solve problems with soil, plant and animal health – such as weed/pest pressure, animal fertility, poor yield, quality issues and diseases in plants and animals.

Scott and Anna have attended several Neal Kinsey/Albrecht workshops including Advanced 1 and 2 workshops in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

We provide soil fertility testing, recommendations and custom mineral blends for pasture based farms including dairy, sheep and beef and, more recently, maize, vegetables and tree crops.

Kiwi Fertiliser Co. Ltd.

2 Sunset Close
New Zealand 3900

Kiwi Fertiliser has consultants throughout the North Island of NZ. See our website for a consultant servicing your area. Our consultants have attended multiple courses as taught by Neal on a regular basis.

Managing Director – Ron McLean

Phone: 0800 549 433

Kiwi Fertiliser was formed to change the face of New Zealand agriculture. It follows the principles began by Dr. William Albrecht in the 1930’s, and refined by Neal Kinsey of Kinsey Agricultural Services, who has produced detailed manuals on how to work out exactly what is required to reach full potential in any soil, anywhere in the world. To enable him and other consultants to do that, all soil samples are sent to Perry Agricultural Laboratories in Missouri. Those precise findings are then converted into fertiliser recommendations. These are not restricted to N, P and K, but extends to all essential nutrients and the various materials that will perform best in your situation. It matters not if you are organically or chemically oriented; nature’s rules are identical for all systems. Break the rules and pests, diseases and weeds will follow. Follow the rules and all those negatives will fade into the background. To follow the rules, you must know what they are. That is where Kiwi Fertiliser fits in. There may be an investment to make, especially if capital applications are required, but the price is well worth the planning and effort. Eventually the fertiliser account, the vet bills, the chemical sprays and the problems will all decline, resulting in pleasurable farming, improved environment and superior sustainability and profitability. Soil fertility effects go well beyond the soil. They go through pastures and crops, through stock and humans and to the bottom line. Many farmers and growers believe they are doing well when the reality is, they are not. Those that recognise they could do better and challenge the boundaries will find reward beyond their imagination.

JP Consulting

17 Mill Road
Timaru 7974
New Zealand

Jeremy Cunningham

+64 27 615 7409

Peter Phillips

+64 27 220 8400

JP Consulting is an Independent Soil Fertility Consulting company owned and operated by Jeremy Cunningham and Pete Phillips. Based in Canterbury servicing clients from a range of agricultural industries including pastoral, cropping/seed production and vegetables throughout New Zealand. Proudly working alongside Kinsey Ag Services to provide the best information for their clients with Jeremy sending soil samples to them since 2010. Both Jeremy and Peter attend regular courses with Neal around the world and pride themselves on not changing the approach/science from what Neal has taught them.

The goal is to help clients economically achieve a level of productivity and profit by amending their soil imbalances. They do this by working with each client’s total fertiliser budget to formulate an overall comprehensive fertiliser/crop plan so they can produce more quantity and better-quality animals or crops grown on their properties.

Because we are not driven by selling products it gives our clients a very refreshing experience dealing with what is a big chunk of the farm’s annual expenditure. Our clients have the option to compare prices and buy from any fertiliser company they choose without a bias opinion from us.


Bruce Hore

P.O. Box 79
Hororata 7544
New Zealand

Tel: 64 3 318 0133
Cell: 64 275 760 303

AgriGanics Ltd was established in 2009 to provide affordable tools and services to support New Zealand farmers working towards sustainable agriculture.

Owner Bruce Hore farmed for many years before he began workin with Neal Kinsey in 2005. He has since become one of New Zealand’s most experienced Kinsey-Albrecht consultants, attending several Kinsey-Albrecht Programmes, including the Advanced 1 and 2 courses.

AgriGanics provides a range of services and products – including Precision Soil Mapping services, fertilizer recommendations, and soil bio-stimulant BioPlus – to cropping, dairy, sheep, and beef and horticultural clients. These tools allow growers to use fertilizer more strategicallly and effectively – ultimately improving the profitability of their operation, while also improving the health of their soil.

N-xt Soil Services


1e Bokslootweg 17
7821 AT Emmen
The Netherlands

Soil Sample Address

PO Box 104
NL-8250 AC Dronten
The Netherlands

Marco van Gurp

Phone: 0031 (0)6 10554238

Peter Geurts

Phone: 0031 (0)6 54952469


“Feed the Soil, to Feed the World”


Thanks to our knowledge of soil health and fertility and using its high-quality liquid fertilizers, N-xt Fertilizers and Soil Services Int., alongside their farmers are able to increase soil fertility and health. It creates a better cultivation result and a healthier food production. Soil Services Int. is working on the house of the biology in the soil, while N-xt Fertilizers provides the right nutrition and is not interrupting the (biological) soil processes!

Crops We Work With:

Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Sugar Beets, Chicory, Cereals, Brassica Crops, Vegetable Crops, Forage Crops, Grass, Maize, Tulips, Lillies, Tree Nursery

Working Area:

We have a client base in North West Euope: mainly in the Netherlands but also: Belgium, England, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Poland


We working on a cooperation of different companies to combine knowledge and advices to serve our customers. It’s better to work together, share knowledge and learn from each other.Soil fertility is an universal issue and the Kinsey-Albrecht System is the way to show farmers and people how to balance your soil for good fertility, healthy food and a bright future!

Geobuero Christophel

Dr. Dominik Christophel

Wispeckweg 1
D-92355 Velburg

Tel: 0049 (0)178 180 3816

Company Description: With the background of Diploma studies in Physical Geography with a focus on Soil Science and a PhD at the Chair of Soil Science at the Technical University of Munich, Dominik Christophel is working with the Albrecht/Kinsey-System since 2013. In 2015 he established his Geobuero working as an independent Consultant with small and big farms since then as well as groups or companies. His clients are based mainly in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and other European countries.

Services: Soil recommendations, on-site and telephone consultancy, GPS-based soil sampling, training courses for farmers, groups and companies.

Crops: Working with all kind of different crops, because soil comes first!